Eli's Favorite Zoo Animals

Aardvark and Zebra had a problem: they wanted to bring the whole animal kingdom together on a project that would help children learn about animals and learn the alphabet, but they didn’t know what human could possibly capture the essence and wonder of each animal.

All the animals represented are so proud to be a drawing in Eli’s animal alphabet coloring book, and are pleased that they are helping children learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. Thrilled with the book, Eli and the animals present to you the Eli Draws Animal Alphabet Coloring Book.

What’s your favorite animal to draw?

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  • Llama Tee

    Llama TeeLlama Tee

    Llama Tee


    A drawing from the Eli Draw's Alphabet Coloring Book.


    The Llama Tee The wool coat on a Llama is fireproof. Sport this Llama tee and be the toast of the town.

    Better yet, wear this llama and buy one for your mama. You’ll both be smokin’.