Ben & Dave's Underwater Adventure

Have you ever met a sea turtle from Australia, or a swordfish from Brazil? What about a tuna from Italy or a whale from France?

Join Ben and Dave on their Scuba adventure as they swim around the world meeting new friends and learning new languages from the creatures of the deep.

Who knows… maybe some day you’ll be a scuba diver too!

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  • Fish Wild Thing Tee

    Fish Wild Thing TeeFish Wild Thing Tee

    Fish Wild Thing Tee


    A character from Ben & Dave's Underwater Adventure story book


    Running a muck at sea is the Fish Wild thing, swimming fast and swimming slow, weaving through small spaces and swimming in the open water. It always seems close, but never quite close enough to catch it.

    Like the Fish Wild Thing, run about, play hide and seek in it, get dirty. The wildest adventures are never complete without it.