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Ben & Dave's
Underwater Adventure

Have you ever met a sea turtle from Australia, or a swordfish from Brazil? What about a tuna from Italy or a whale from France? Join Ben and Dave on their Scuba adventure.

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We believe...

When adults and children play together, the past and future are holding hands. Eli Draws is our way of sharing our experience, and encouraging parents and children to explore, learn and collaborate, bringing their stories closer together. Join us in believing that every child has something to say, and declare with us that their thoughts can change the world.

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Eli's Favorite Zoo Animals

One day, while strolling along the African plains, Aardvark and Zebra were discussing the importance of community. Join them in their journey of fostering old relationships and finding new friends.

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Crafts to Share

Create your own stories with stick puppets or draw a card for your far away friends. Fun activities for you to share with your favorite person. Download, print, color, cut, and play!

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